Wall Art – The Beauty of Graffiti

Wall Art

Graffiti, also known as Street Art is a unique and contemporary style of painting that involves creating beautiful artwork on walls and similar spaces. From minimal writings to elaborate wall paintings, Graffiti Art involves a variety of artwork, usually made on brick walls and the interior and exterior of buildings. 

The word graffiti is believed to be originated from Greek and Italian. The Greek word is “graphein” which means “to write,” and the Italian word is “ graffiato ” which means “scratched.”

Graffiti is much more than spray painting and scribbling, it is a form of art intended for the public.

When done properly, this artwork results in a creative atmosphere that creates a beautiful ambiance in your space.

Street art or graffiti is mostly done by highly talented street artists who can create eye catchy designs on a large space. Like all other artworks, it is a talent that takes time and patience to develop. 

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Graffiti Art

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