Conservation framing

Conservation framing is considered the highest standard of framing; it ensures protection of your valuable art pieces for years to come. We use techniques and materials that ensure the mounting and framing of your artwork, which can be totally reversed if required and is also protected from UV light and lignin degradation.

We employ the use of the highest grade archival materials such as;
  • Japanese Mulberry Paper
  • Neutral PH Pure Wheat Starch for reversible hinging.
  • Archival Acid Free Linen and paper tapes
  • Cotton / Purified acid free Mounting boards
  • Archival Polypropylene Mounting Corners
  • Humidity Absorbent silica gel within frames
  • UV protective glazing

At QUBE Art Gallery, we recommend conservation framing to all our customers when long term preservation of the artwork is required. Our standard framing also ensures an acid free environment for your artwork using only 100 % archival acid free hinges, mount board and barrier boards.

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