The Best Framing Services to Display Artwork at Dubai Art Events

Plexiglass Framing

Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, the conservator of art, culture, heritage, and literature has put great efforts to enhance Dubai’s position as a global center for Art and creativity. International Art events of the highest order are arranged in Dubai on a regular basis where artists around the world could showcase their artwork before the World. 

Some of the highly anticipated Dubai Art Exhibitions are scheduled in the year 2023. Artists participating in these events would definitely like to display their artwork in the best possible way and they require the right framing service in order to achieve that. 

Picture framing is one of the best ways to showcase artwork. It acts as a window to protect and preserve a piece of art along with enhancing its beauty. While thinking about picture framing, one of the most common framing options that come to a person’s mind will be glass framing.

Glass frames help in bringing a clear, crisp, and shiny appearance to a picture. Among the glasses used in frames, there are still choices. The most commonly preferred types are normal glass framing and Plexiglass framing. 

Plexiglass, more specifically, a clear sheet of acrylic is one of the manufactured forms of acrylic. It is an industry-standard plastic product that is virtually unbreakable and popular for its durability. 

When a framed picture is likely to be moved a lot, people usually prefer plexiglass instead of normal glass due to its unbreakable characteristics. 

Notable Features of Plexiglass


When compared to normal glass, plexiglass is stronger and requires greater force to break. Unlike glass, it is not susceptible to shattering into several pieces. 


When compared to normal glass, plexiglass is lighter in weight. It comes in handy when you are hanging pictures on the wall and transporting your artwork to a new place.


Plexiglass can protect your work from airborne and liquid-borne dirt and chemicals. This type of framing often comes with UV protection to prevent the artwork from damage caused by UV light. Plexiglass is also easy to polish without causing much damage. 


Flexiglass offers a clear view and prevents the picture from getting obscured due to light being reflected. It lets through about ninety percent of the light falling on it.

Even though plexiglass offers such benefits, it is more likely to get damaged by abrasive items like chemicals. Instead of glass cleaners, a plastic cleaner is required to be used to clean the plexiglass.

Plexiglass Vs Acrylic

Plexiglass and acrylic are two terms commonly used to denote the same product. Even though the terms are similar, there are some notable differences between the two. 

In terms of appearance and application, both are the same. However, plexiglass is a kind of acrylic, whereas acrylic is a kind of thermoplastic. The difference basically lies in their manufacturing process. The extensive manufacturing process used makes plexiglass more durable than acrylic. 

Acrylic is an alternative to glass that gained popularity as a framing material. Both Acrylic & Plexiglass are made from the same thermoplastic scientifically known as Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA). They are hard, lightweight, flexible, and recyclable. These framing materials tends to be even transparent than glass. 

Apart from normal picturing framing benefits, acrylic is something that brings multiple uses. With Qube Art Gallery’s exceptional acrylic display case boxes, you can now organize your beloved artworks and mementos in a safe and beautiful way. 

Glass framing is an exceptional option for artists preparing for an art exhibition or wishing to make a sale of their art.

As the world-renowned official Dubai art season, World art Dubai is hosting energy-packed events to expand the creative skills of the artists, emerging artists can utilize the Art printing service Dubai & Picture framing like plexiglass and similar supplies to enhance their work to be kept on display. 

Apart from Photo printing and framing, Qube Art also brings a variety of art services to fulfill the diverse needs of the customers. Our team of experienced professionals can assist you with exclusive artwork and frames to de-stress your daily life and enjoy artistry to its fullest. 

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