World Cup Gift Hamper – A Great Memorabilia in the Making

Qatar World Cup Gift Hamper

The inaugural match of the FIFA World Cup 2022 between Qatar and Ecuador was held on 20th November. This Qatar World Cup is the first time a FIFA World Cup is being hosted by a country in the Middle East. Qatar is well renowned for its hospitality and to keep up with its reputation they gave a special gift to the football fans who were present in the stadium. Qatar presented exquisite gift hampers with merchandise of the WorldCup to all the fans inside the stadium which is great memorabilia in the making. Pictures of the gift hampers are making noise on social media. The vlogger who unboxed the match gift box before the public is getting a lot of attention. 

What is inside the gift bag?

The gift bag consists of a small blanket to warm the fans inside the stadium. The bag also has Qatar’s national flag, a wristband, a shirt, a world cup pin, the world cup logo, and a world cup puppet ‘Laeeb’. Football fans around the World are appreciating the gesture from Qatar to distribute gift hampers to the spectators in the stadium. Qatar has put in tremendous effort to make this World Cup truly memorable. 

A great opportunity for souvenir collectors

There is always a great appealing factor about collecting souvenirs to represent your travels and adventures. In the case of the FIFA World Cup, every souvenir collected is exponentially appealing. The world cup inaugural match souvenir is one of a kind of souvenir that is a lifetime memory for football fans. Qatar has given a terrific opportunity for football fans to cherish their world cup memories through this awesome gift. 

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