Why is Giclee Fine Art Printing Preferred? ?


Giclee fine art print is a popular term in artistic circles and if you are an artist or a connoisseur of arts Giclee fine art printing will grab your attention. The word ‘Giclee’ is derived from a blend of two French words -‘gicleur’ which means ‘nozzle’ and the word ‘gicler’ which means ‘to spray. Giclée printing is associated with the process of reproducing prints from the original version using inkjet printers. All types of inkjet prints cannot be categorized as Giclée prints. Giclée printers are top-of-the-range inkjet printers and in Giclée printing, you can expect a higher quality product that lasts longer than your normal inkjet prints. Giclée printing is only possible on state-of-the-art professional printers.

Why is Giclée Fine Art Printing gaining popularity?

Color quality: The color quality of a Giclée print is almost tantamount to the original artwork and photographic inkjet printing using archival pigment inks provides a classy look to the print. Accurate color grading is applied to match the original work and it enhances the print to a whole new level. 

Resolution: Giclée print is a type of inkjet printer printed from a computer where the image has been stored as a digital file and is then sprayed onto paper or canvas with a high-resolution wide format printer. High-quality resolution applied in Giclée prints ensures that the prints are not pixelated or blurry. An image is printed at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or greater to be considered a Giclée print. That means that the original image must be photographed or scanned at a resolution of 300 DPI or higher. Compromising on the resolution will interfere with color accuracy which would give an obscure output. The photographer should ensure that there are no glare, reflection, or changes in color that would affect the quality of the print. 

Canvas options: Cost, the texture of the surface, and aesthetic sense are the three factors involved in the selection of Giclée printing material. Selecting the right material for Giclée printing is a tedious task with a plethora of options available, they are separated into categories such as smooth, textured, or glossy. Client preference in regards to whether they need an artwork with a frame and glass or artwork without framing is enquired. Printing on paper is cheaper in comparison to printing on canvas. High-quality canvas is thicker than high-quality paper and this makes canvas more expensive than paper. The process of creating giclée prints on paper is less intensive and therefore more affordable than on canvas. The cost of protecting the artwork by framing should also be taken into consideration, a Giclée print needs to be framed with a glass outer shielding to prevent attrition. 

An acid-free mat and a high-quality frame are recommended to hold the Giclée print intact and the process of framing is costlier than the print. A canvas print doesn’t require a protective frame, but it is always suggested to frame the artwork to increase the lifespan of the artwork. There is always a choice to hang the canvas free of the frame or to frame it with a suitable material depending on the client’s aesthetic sense. 

Longevity of Giclée prints: The paper, canvas, and ink used to make Giclée prints are designed to last and not fade over time. Giclée prints can last centuries with minimal care, Giclée prints serve the purpose of archiving if the right quality materials are used in their creation. 

Accessibility: A solo edition artwork may cost a bit steep and the accessibility depends on the budget of a person. Giclée printing allows clients to buy some of the greatest artworks and embellish their interiors with splendorous artwork. 

Diversity: The diversity possessed by Giclée prints makes it a prolific option for an artist. Giclée prints of artwork can be made in different sizes and can be sold at different rates according to the size. Artists have the option to produce open-edition or limited-edition prints. The artist can print a large number of prints with open editions. Earlier the artist could only sell a solo piece and the income was limited to the sale of just that piece. Now the artist could sell several prints with the advent of Giclée printing and get a constant source of income. The open edition helps the artist to reach out to a large number of people and increase their following, limited editions are carefully chosen and only the selected number of prints are created and kept for sale. The artists can charge higher for the limited editions due to the value of the artwork being higher in the eyes of the collector. 

Passive income: Selling prints online in the present digital era takes little to no effort, which leads to earning additional income. 

Consistent sales: Giclée prints provide an additional steady flow of income while the original artwork may take a longer time to be sold. Income can be generated through multiple sources. 

Artists had their income disrupted with the emergence of digital cameras and photo printers. Fortunately, the artist’s natural creative gift can’t be bought, and the need for professional artists continues to surge. Artists have to up their ante to reach the top of their business, Giclee encompasses all aspects of the printing process from the quality of the photograph, the quality of the printer as well as the quality of the inks used to the quality of the paper used. All of these elements put together result in the perfect print, Giclee prints are created on expensive digital inkjet printers. They are designed to print every minute detail, final printing is done only after a thorough examination by comparing test prints with the original to ensure the perfect match. 

Unlike standard home printers, these art printers use numerous inks which allows the printers to create many more variations of colors – adding to the tone, depth, and feel of the print. Every brush stroke and every detail is captured to the minute, the ultimate goal is to reproduce the original piece in print form. 

Printing has constantly evolved since the first-ever printing press was established and there is much more to come in the future. Technical advancements are bound to create a spectacle in Giclée printing and this relatively new technique is rapidly gaining market share. Giclée prints develop a propitious environment for the artists to prosper socially and financially and it provides easy access for art enthusiasts to reach out to high-quality artwork at reasonable costs. Qube Art is dedicated to providing high-quality Giclée prints that will stand the test of time and help you to manifest your dream of financial growth through your artwork.

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