What is Memorabilia Framing?

memorabilia framing


Memories are moments of joy that need to be cherished throughout our lives, it is these memories that make life meaningful. The best way to keep these memories part of our lives is to frame them. Memorabilia framing is an apposite way to preserve our precious memories and keep them alive in our lives. Memorabilia can be attributed to an object or objects which evoke a pleasant or soothing memory from the past.

It doesn’t serve justice to your treasured memorabilia if you do not preserve and exhibit them for your loved ones to cherish.  Memorabilia framing is the most appropriate way to give life to your beautiful memories, your memorabilia could be anything from your personal belongings to an object gifted to you by a celebrity such as a sports jersey, a bat, or a musical instrument.

what could be memorabilia for framing

What could be your memorabilia?

A personal moment linked to you, like a newspaper article about an achievement of yours.

A group achievement like winning a championship or a competition is great memorabilia.

It could also be a gift that you received from someone special in your life.

Even objects related to your professional life like your stethoscope, military uniform, advocate gown, and writing pen are great personal memorabilia.

Sports-related memorabilia like autographed jerseys, cricket bats, tennis rackets, etc are the most sought-framed memorabilia.

Entertainment-related memorabilia like signed guitars, music records, etc are also framed by music enthusiasts.

Most demanded memorabilia frames

Sports jerseys are considered to be the most sought-after memorabilia frames in the world. Sports personalities like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer, etc have become an emotion to their respective fans. To get a jersey autographed by their favorite sportsperson is a dream most people cherish throughout their lives. The high demand for sports jerseys to be framed is clearly understood and valued. The demand for memorabilia framing is going to soar high with the gradual ending of the pandemic and the upcoming sporting spectacle, that is the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. If you are lucky enough to get a jersey signed by your favorite sports icon then the jersey is no longer a sporting accessory. It would be something you would hold dear and the best way to preserve that is by framing it to be cherished throughout your lifetime.

most demaded memorabilia framing - jersey framing
History of memorabilia frames

History of memorabilia frames

When an artistic work of historical significance is displayed, the framework which also has its own rich history is often underrepresented. It requires immense craftsmanship to create a suitable framework for the artifact. The key purpose of the frame is to make a distinction between reality and imagination. It is like a borderline spread between factual and fictional worlds. Due to the evolution of technology, framing has started to include three-dimensional objects. In some cases, frames were merely used to highlight the artwork asking the viewer to concentrate on the particular artwork. Framework gave commercial wings to the artist who could move his artwork comfortably and ensure its safety. Memorabilia framing is prioritized by clients in comparison to the usual art framing, as it has an added devotion in terms of emotion, as more personal feelings are attached to memorabilia.

memorabilia framing process

The process involved in memorabilia framing

Selecting the perfect frame – choosing the appropriate frame is a key aspect of memorabilia framing. The nature of the memorabile decides the frame required. The frame used for a sports jersey may not be suitable for more complex memorabile like a bicycle. The idea of framing a bicycle may seem crazy to some people. But it is not more than an attainable creative challenge for skilled professionals. The color of the frame should correspond with the memorabile and the protective glass should be able to showcase the grandeur of your memorabilia.

Selecting the right backing – the backing used for memorabilia framing is different from picture framing, the backing varies depending on the type of memorabilia.

Mounting the memorabilia -your memorabilia is mounted and placed into the frame using a number of tools and the finishing touches are made.

how to get memorabilia framed

How to get your memorabilia framed?

The first step to creating your memorabilia is to approach an expert who has aced the skill of memorabilia framing. Designing and creating the frames can be highly complicated for various items, especially depending on their size and shape. The necessity arises to provide the utmost care to deliver the best output. It is why Qube Art is considered the best choice by thousands of satisfied clients in the UAE. Qube Art has a highly skilled team who can cater to your requirements. Qube Art over the years came up with out-of-the-box ideas for framing unthinkable objects. Qube Art doesn’t limit itself to creating lifeless frames, we weave living stories through our memorabilia.

Memorabilia frames are mainly customized frames that are crafted one at a time by a skilled professional. It is built for your unique design with high-quality materials which makes them last much longer than standard frames. This will increase the artwork’s lifespan much more and your memorabilia will be able to survive for generations. The finished memorabilia will make its own history over time.

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