What is Frame Moulding? How to Select the Right Moulding Color?

Picture frame moulding refers to the shape of the profile of a picture frame. Basically, it is the shape a picture frame has. It can be either simple or complex and can have different presentation styles like vintage or contemporary.

The four sides we see on a picture frame are actually cut from the length of moulding. In general, a combination of elements like concave curves, convex curves, and flat surfaces altogether form the shape of the profile. 

Picture framing service providers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, like Qube Art Gallery, offer a wide variety of frame moulding styles to enhance your photographs and paintings. You can pick the style that meets your preferences.

A great way to start is by choosing the moulding color. Here are some guidelines for choosing the right moulding color for art picture framing in UAE:  

Let the color relate to the subject of art

  • Allow the color of the frame mould to harmoniously relate to the subject of art to create a seamless connection.
  • For example, polished wooden frames can be a good option to complement a painting or a picture of natural scenery. 

Consider the age of the artwork

  • For vintage artwork, you may avoid colorful frames, since they may affect the originality of such works.
  • Try to use frame moulds of vintage and antique styles for paintings that date back decades. 

Consider the mood or emotion the art brings

  • When we look at an image like a happy baby face, a bright shiny sun, or a rainy day, we shall consider different colors and hues for frames according to the mood of the art. 
  • A grey frame might match an image of rain or a storm while a gold-colored frame could be the best fit to complement the image of a bright sun. 

Avoid frames that unmatch the picture color contrast

  • Very strong or light colors can badly affect the beauty of the artwork. 
  • Colors that are too dark can make the art look faded.
  • Light colors that are very light in nature could make the art appear dark. 
  • The contrast of the frame you use shall match the contrast of the art.

Be aware of the picture size and the frame size

  • The frame that you use shall match the size of the picture, as well as the surroundings where it is intended to place. 

Qube Art Gallery, Dubai takes pride in delivering exceptional quality picture frame moulds for your photographs and artworks. With our commitment to providing the best quality picture frames in UAE, we help you enhance the quality of your artwork and preserve it for generations to come.

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