Wall Painting & Street Art – Capturing Attention in Art Festivals

Wall Painting and Street Art

Art festivals, exhibitions, and workshops are celebrations of richness, diversity, and creativity. They encompass traditional and contemporary art forms. From a cultural perspective, they bring a snapshot of a community’s identity.  UAE is a country that celebrates art by hosting a number of world art events every year. 

Street art in the form of graffiti and murals embodies creativity and cultural identities. They have great significance in art festivals and events. A greater discipline, technique, and artistic taste are required to create this art form. 

Street art is a visual artistry, primarily created in public spaces for attracting the public audience. This art is displayed in the form of designs, portraits, lettering, imagery, and so on. 

Street art employs the use of objects like stencils, brushes, paints, and wheat pastes for painting. It often includes working with the immediate environment to create beautiful artwork. 

This form of painting usually brings an original connection with the architecture. They showcase art in the public space and offer the advantage of artists receiving a wide audience for their work. The colors, themes, mode of painting, and other design elements of street art can even radically alter the spatial proportions of a building. 

There are multiple styles of street art that can be created and interpreted in several ways. 

Mural painting is a distinctive form of street art in which an artwork is directly made on the surfaces of walls, ceilings, and other similar surfaces. This form of art is majorly used to decorate public spaces and uses different techniques to create paintings on the interiors as well as the exteriors of spaces like buildings. 

Mural paintings have a dramatic impact on the viewers, especially on tourists who visit a new area. Many establishments have started using mural art to decorate the interiors and attract visitors and tourists. It has been identified as a form of painting that aesthetically improves the appearance of a given space and has been widely used in various countries to attract the attention of people. 

In countries like America & Germany, murals and graffiti evolved as potent visual communication tools that aimed to attract public attention and spread unifying social and political ideas.

The oldest scribblings, carvings, and paintings are a form of mural art. Such paintings have great significance in offering invaluable knowledge of our past and providing a glimpse into the diversity of cultures over time. 

Modern mural artworks that you can find today often include techniques like fresco, mosaic, graffiti, and marouflage. They are applied straight into a permanent structure like a building wall. 

Graffiti is a form of mural painting that often focus on urban styles and is generally created with spray paints. It mainly involves letter-based tags and pieces. Graffiti often portrays artists’ expressions and emotions, making a statement or raising awareness. 

Mosaic is a form of art created with objects like stones, glass, etc., put into plaster.  Durable materials like marble are often used to create mosaic artworks. A fresco is made when an artist put paint on a plaster and does not include any objects other than paint. It involves painting directly on the wet plaster and letting it dry, incorporating painting into the plaster. 

Mural, graffiti, and street art are often interchangeably used to describe the same art form. The style of these art forms includes a diverse range of works and mediums. 

Street art brings the additional advantage of preparing artwork in studio settings and applying it in public view. At Qube Art Gallery, you can find an outstanding collection of handmade mural works that add elegance to an atmosphere. We also offer all kinds of extraordinary and unique on-site street art commissions.

Street artists are people who have chosen the path of revealing the beauty of art in a unique way. Our team of wall painters specializes in street art to enhance the beauty of the interior and exterior of public and private spaces like restaurants, offices, homes, and temporary setups like art exhibitions, events, and workshops. We have put together a colossal selection of mural art painted by the world’s leading artists to turn a blank space into an attractive showcase of art. 

 In case you are searching for such a service, feel free to contact us, we can provide you with amazing art installations to enhance your space in creative ways. 

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