The Benefits of Canvas Printing Over Traditional Printing

The Benefits of Canvas Printing

Photographs and artworks are beautiful creations that we could cherish forever. They stay with us for a very long time and bring us a lot of beautiful memories. So these priceless possessions need to be protected at all costs. 

Various ways like picture framing and fine art printing help protect these valuables. 

When it comes to printing artworks and photographs, a popular choice for many artists and photographers is canvas printing

Canvas printing is the method of getting your picture printed directly on canvas (durable plain woven fabrics). The canvas-printed artworks are often used as wall hangings or display objects in art exhibition events since they offer a great fine art feel and bring a nice texture, which adds depth to the images.

Due to their longevity and beautiful nature, canvas prints are gaining popularity everywhere, especially in countries in the middle east. The printing quality of the material adds an artistic appearance to the photographs and frames. 

Here is a list of some advantages offered by canvas printing compared to other traditional printing methods like paper printing. 


Pictures printed on canvases are more long-lasting than traditional methods like paper printing. Being one of the popular fine art and canvas printing companies in Dubai, Qube Art Gallery can offer you quality canvas printing services that make your work durable for the years to come. 

Professional Touch

Canvases bring a professional touch to paintings and photographs that traditional printing methods can’t offer. The artistic feel offered by canvas prints will give life to your creatives and make everyone admire the work.


A major benefit offered by canvas printing is the options for customization. You can edit the pictures and experiment with odd sizes for artwork and borders, which is not the case with traditional picture printing.

Flexible Size Variations

With canvas printing, you can make large images of bigger sizes and decorate your living spaces with elegant works. You can even divide images like landscape scenery into different large canvas prints to decorate your room walls.

Lightweight & Portability

Traditional photo printings are usually sturdy in nature and usually come with large and heavy wooden frames. In the case of stretched canvas prints, you can opt for more modern and lightweight frames that offer a premium-quality look.

If you are a person looking for an art printing or photograph printing service in Dubai, then Qube Art Gallery can serve your needs. We offer perfect solutions to every artwork-related requirement like picture framing, fine art printing,  canvas printing Dubai, canvas stretching, and many more. Our quality services will ensure a great artistic experience for the artists, as well as the viewers. 

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