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Marilyn Monroe Acrylic Portrait

AED 3,040.00

Step into the enchanting world of Marilyn Monroe with this stunning handmade acrylic painting. Capturing Monroe’s iconic beauty in headshot size, every intricate detail is meticulously brought to life with precision and skill. The harmonious color combination of blue, black, gray, and white adds depth and sophistication to the portrait, accentuating Monroe’s legendary charm and allure.

Size :

162cm x 180cm

Key Features:

  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Every brushstroke is expertly applied to capture Monroe’s likeness with unparalleled accuracy, showcasing the artist’s dedication to perfection.
  • Iconic Representation: Monroe’s timeless elegance and Hollywood glamour are immortalized in this headshot-sized portrait, offering a captivating glimpse into her iconic persona.
  • Perfect Color Harmony: The carefully curated color palette of blue, black, gray, and white creates a visually stunning composition that beautifully complements Monroe’s classic beauty.
  • Enhances Interior Décor: This exquisite portrait will make a striking statement piece on any interior wall of your home. Whether displayed in a living room, bedroom, or home office, it will add a touch of timeless glamour and sophistication to your space, elevating the overall aesthetic and creating a focal point for admiration and conversation.
  • Available in UAE.
  • Designed In-House.
  • Delivered ready to hang.
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