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Audrey Hepburn Acrylic Portrait

AED 3,040.00

Step into the timeless elegance of Audrey captured in this exquisite handmade acrylic painting. With meticulous attention to detail, every stroke brings Audrey’s beauty to life in a headshot-sized masterpiece. The color palette of blue, black, gray, and white enhances her allure, creating a captivating portrait that mesmerizes the beholder. From her piercing gaze to the subtle nuances of expression, every aspect of Audrey is rendered with perfection, making this painting a true work of art.

Size : 

80cm x 162cm

Key Features:

  • Handmade Perfection: Crafted with precision, this acrylic painting showcases the skill and artistry of the creator.
  • Elegant Portrait: Audrey’s timeless beauty is immortalized in this headshot-sized portrait, capturing her essence with grace and sophistication.
  • Detailing Excellence: Every detail, from Audrey’s features to the color combination, is meticulously executed, adding depth and dimension to the painting.
  • Captivating Color Palette: The harmonious blend of blue, black, gray, and white enhances the visual impact of the portrait, drawing the viewer into Audrey’s world.
  • Stretched canvas on pine wood.
  • Available in UAE.
  • Designed In-House.
  • Delivered ready to hang



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