Photo Printing Basics: Choosing the Best Paper & Quality Services

Photo Printing Services

Photographs are true treasures of life. Choosing the best quality paper for your photos will help them last for a very long time. 

Photo printing service providers like Qube Art Gallery are dedicated to providing the best quality photograph and art printing services in Dubai. Apart from just letting a photo be printed, such firms also offer all kinds of additional support for obtaining an eye-catchy final product. 

Along with the picture quality and quality of the printer and ink, you also need to have a good paper to get the best results. From glossy to matte, the papers used to print your photos have different qualities and characters. 

Poor-quality papers can result in blurred prints, muddier images, darker colors, invisible picture parts, and so on. 

The sheet color is another factor that is usually taken into consideration. Printing sheets usually come in ranges of white, making them suitable for displaying clean images. 

Durability is an important factor of consideration for selecting the paper, especially for the works that are going to get hung on the wall or chosen for sale in an art exhibition. Good ink-based printers and high-quality papers can provide that longevity. They help overcome adverse conditions like dust, heat, and humidity. 

Another factor, as mentioned above is the color/whiteness of the paper. White is a great color for photo printing papers. However, papers with artificial whiteners can later bring subtle changes to the overall color of the sheet. So, for the image to look the same over time, it is best to choose papers not powered by artificial brighteners. 

Other important factors of consideration include the archival quality, weight, and finish of the papers.

To get the best quality papers and printing service, you can rely on art service providers like Qube Art Gallery, where papers and other printing accessories from popular and respected brands are getting utilized for printing. 

Let’s check out the suitability of printing different forms of images with various purposes on top-selling paper types:

  • For fine art photographers, one of their favorite quality sheets is luster photo paper. Classic and beautiful, they offer very subtle texture and are best suited for wedding images and portraits. 
  • Glossy photo print papers offer a smooth and polished look. With a highly reflective surface, they provide quite a glare and a contemporary look. This type of paper is well-suited for photobooks and small images.  
  • Another popular category is matte. This form of paper is non-reflective and ideal for fine artwork and images with significant photo experience. With a smooth texture and little to no reflection, matte offers a great look in various lighting conditions. 
  • For getting sparkling looks, the paper chosen is often metallic. The surface is smooth and reflective and offers a unique shine. Most suited for street photography, landscapes, etc. 

With such various options available, you can choose the printing sheet according to your choice. 

Are you wishing to cherish your memories by getting your favorite photos printed? Then we can help you. 

At Qube Art Gallery, you can utilize our professional, high-quality photo printing services in UAE, that surpass your expectations. Let your print choice be glossy, metallic, or matte, we create professional-grade photo prints with premium quality ink, printed on professional quality papers that bring life to your pictures. 

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