Metal Prints for Art Exhibitions

Metal Prints for Art Exhibitions

The UAE has rightly placed itself as an art hub of the world and some of the world’s most prestigious art events take place in the magnificent city of Dubai. Artists around the world look forward to exhibiting their artwork to the world through these art events. All art events in Dubai are open to exhibiting art prints and metallic printing is a great option to exhibit your artwork in an aesthetically enhanced way. 

Metal artwork has existed since ancient times and metallic prints are those high-definition modern art pieces made from metal panels like aluminum. Your desired image is layered in metal prints to capture your cherished memories in your art collection. These luminous photo prints look absolutely stunning and are a preferred choice for art exhibitions because it has the power to capture the attention of the viewer. Metal prints add life to your photographs and if you’re looking to get the highest quality metal print, head on over to Qube Art Gallery to get a flawless finish. 

What is a Metal Print?

Metal Prints are wall art pieces usually printed on aluminum or other metals providing a clean, modern, industrial, high-definition look. A white base coat is done to improve the aesthetics of any color that is printed on the metal print. Metal prints made of the highest quality images are standout art pieces that are perfect to be displayed at homes, offices, or art exhibitions.

Metal prints are extremely attractive and are a great way to showcase your artwork because they enable you to capture the true vibrance of colors. You can customize your metal prints to suit your requirement. Metal prints are waterproof and scratch resistant, making them a highly preferred art piece to be hung anywhere. Metal printing photos add the elegance of modernity with a stunning industrial look. People who prefer frameless art pieces would definitely prefer these ultra-modern metallic prints. Metal prints are capable of providing a unique touch to your personalized photos.  

Different Types of Metal Printing Processes

Inkjet Metal Printing

In inkjet metal printing a prepared metal surface is sprayed with a special type of quick-drying ink. Traditional ink is not suitable for metal printing because they don’t get absorbed by metal, unlike paper. 

Inkjet printing is preferred in cases where printing is done on a small surface area. Inkjet metal printing is not a good option for printing photos because the resolution of this type of printing isn’t as high as dye sublimation.

Dye Sublimation Metal Printing

Dye sublimation is the right metal printing technique for getting HD metal prints. In this form of metal printing the inkjet system is used to start the printing process and the image is printed onto transfer paper with special solid inks. Then, the heat transfer of the image is done onto a prepared metal surface where the ink gets transformed into gas before bonding with the metal.

This process of dye sublimation creates a chemical bond with the metal which ensures the clarity and durability of the print. This printing process is preferred in fine arts and especially in the printing of photos, due to its vivid coloring and high resolution. 

Screen Metal Printing

Screen metal printing is a process of forcing ink through a mesh screen onto a metal surface. The impervious area of the screen acts as a stencil and the ink that passes through forms the printed image. 

Screen printing can be applied on other metal surfaces like stainless steel, unlike dye sublimation. With the proper setup, screen printing can be applied on round surfaces too. Typically, enamel or epoxy ink is used for screen metal printing. Screen metal printing is best suited for large and simple designs on metal. It can also be used for photo-quality printing highlighting fine details. 

Different Types of Metal Prints

HD Infused Aluminum Metal Print

The HD Infused Aluminum Metal Print is a thin and lightweight print that is easy to store, transfer, and display as needed. These types of prints could be top-notch gallery prints and many photographers prefer this mounting process due to its simplicity. These prints are fade resistant and the vividness of the colors captured can be maintained over a century and has the potential to become a great memorobile. 

UV Direct Aluminum Metal Print

The UV Direct Aluminum Metal Print makes use of a Dibond composite base to create a high-quality durable product that is perfect for outdoor and indoor display. With a proper matte finish, the colors in UV Direct Aluminum print shine in high resolution. The direct print on an aluminum surface is a highly preferred product. White or silver aluminum is chosen to adjust the luminosity of the print.

3DHD Infused Aluminum Metal Print

The 3DHD Infused Aluminum Metal Print has the ability to replicate traditional wall prints. It is similar to a canvas that can enhance the quality of your digital prints by offering high image quality, scratch resistance, and glare free-free finish. 3DHD Infused Metal Print is the golden standard for clarity and color quality. 

People prefer to print on metal due to the mesmerizing effect created by metal prints. Every metal print is an artistic statement and if you are a person looking to exhibit your art piece at an international event, you can cease your search for a print medium and finalize this progressive print material. Metal prints can strike chords of artistic enlightenment in viewers through their vivid representation. 

Qube Art Gallery is an industry leader in the UAE, which offers a wide range of printing and framing services designed to meet the needs of artists and art enthusiasts. We make use of state-of-the-art technology to produce the best quality metal prints. World Art Dubai is around the corner and artists looking forward to exhibiting their artworks at the event are welcome to get their work printed or framed by Qube Art Gallery

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