Importance of Framing in Art Events

Importance of Framing in Art Events

An international art event or exhibition is the stage for artists to showcase their artistic expertise before the whole world and every artist would wish to present their artwork in the best way possible. Framing is the key to enriching the art piece to be exhibited in a world-class art event. 

Why is Framing so Important? 

Framing is not only used to protect the artwork but it is also used for many other purposes. One major purpose of framing is to enhance the artwork and increase the aesthetics of the artwork to the next level. Framing influences the way in which the viewer perceives art. Framing can indicate the uniqueness of the artwork and it can also express the personality of the artist. At times the artists make artistic insights and judgments.  

Criteria to Select the Right Frame? 

Choosing the right frame is extremely important if you are looking forward to exhibiting because framing can be a determinant factor for the acceptance of your artwork in an art exhibition. 

The poor frame can damage the visual appeal of artwork giving an unpleasant experience to the viewers and it can even physically damage the artwork

  • The right structure should be found that suits your artwork. Different types of frames are preferred for different types of artwork. 
  •  There is a wide range of options when it comes to framing materials and one needs to think about and clarify the material to be used like metal, wood, plastic, ceramic, etc. The materials should be selected on the basis of aesthetic impact and also on the basis of long-term protection from wear and tear. 
  • The frame should not distract the viewer from the artwork. Regardless of the frame used, it should not dominate the art. The frame should complement the art in all ways. 
  • The frame should add value to the art and should not look cheap or too fancy. 
  • Avoid the usage of loud frames or very strong color. 

Best Framing Options for Art Exhibitions

Box Frame

In a  box frame, a spacer (called a filet) is placed between the glass and the artwork which keeps the glass away from the surface. The artwork is presented by raising and floating by laying on an Image. A box frame can be prepared by any type of molding and this framing is a highly preferred style of contemporary framing. 

Floating Frame

Floating frames receive their name due to the floating illusion of canvas within the frame. In floating frames the picture doesn’t vanish behind the frame, instead, it sits away from the frame, creating an illusion. The majority of floating frames are made up of a thin wooden frame on the exterior and a small gap is maintained between the frame and the edge of the canvas picture.

Floating frames give definition to the picture and the small gap enhances the aesthetic appeal of the artwork by creating a visual illusion. Floating frames are preferred for the gallery-style look. 

Canvas prints are not hidden in most floating frames and they are not left behind glass. This gives depth to the artwork creating an interesting look to the artwork. The glossy reflective look of glass may not be ideal for artwork placed in rooms with a lot of sunlight. 

Floating frames are extremely unique because they allow viewers to see all the edges of the artwork, unlike other frames. Any kind of obscurity about the artwork is cleared through floating frames. 

Shadow Box Frame

A shadow frame is a kind of deep frame that has a  glazed front design for protecting paper prints. In the case of shadow box frames, the artwork is mounted to the back of the shadow box. This is done to make the image look recessed from the frame’s face. Shadow Boxes are the traditional great way of exhibiting artwork. Artists who prefer the traditional style, prefer this kind of framing. Shadow Box which is an enclosed, glass front picture frame is used to display valuable art pieces. Shadow Boxes look deeper than standard Picture Frames and they are designed to secure and display precious mementos. Shadow Box Frames are ideal for displaying sculptures, figures, art projects, and any other precious artworks

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