Identify the Best Frame Shop Near You

The Best Frame Shop Near You

All artists and art enthusiasts would wish to have their artwork last a lifetime without any deterioration. The right frame is required for protecting your artwork from all types of damage. Custom framing done by expert framers could provide you with the perfect protective covering for your artwork that could prolong your artwork’s quality. Frames are not only vital for protection, but they are also extremely important for improving art display quality.

You may be doubtful about choosing a framer for framing your artwork. A top-quality frame shop will be working based on the key procedures  mentioned below :

Museum Quality Framing

Moisture protection

Artwork, when exposed to moisture, gets damaged due to the absorption of moisture into the paper. A quality framer takes necessary precautions to make sure that the frame seals the artwork properly. Water damage can lead to mold growth, shrinkage, blanching, paint loss, and distortions of the canvas. It can also hinder the flatness of the art surface.

Application of accurate framing techniques

A top-class framer applies accurate techniques to ensure that the artwork lasts a lifetime. The framer uses acid-free materials to provide the optimum environment for protection against fluctuating temperatures, damaging humidity levels, and harmful UV rays. The rebate used is deep enough to hold the glazing, window mount or filets, object/artwork, under-mount, and backboard. The molding used is strong and deep enough to support the artwork. The corners are touched up such that no unfinished molding is visible. In addition, the molding is made free from blemishes, and care is taken to ensure that all pieces match. If the artwork is likely to touch the molding or slips then we seal it with aluminum foil sealing tape.

Ability to enhance the artwork

The duty of a framer is not limited to protecting the artwork. The framer is also committed to enhancing the quality of the artwork.

Customized framing and matting influence the aesthetics of your artwork regardless of whether it is a canvas, photo, or print. Matting is an important part of the visual presentation in picture framing. An expert framer utilizes matting to highlight a color in the artwork or room decor, accent a shape in the art, or simply increase the size to make a dramatic display, enhancing the artwork in the process.

Ability to provide customized frames

A world-class framing expert possesses the ability to provide customized frames for your work regardless of the type of artwork. There are several framing options provided

by leading frame shops, and each one provides unique enhancements and protection to your artwork.

International Accreditations

Framing shops with international standards have highly acclaimed framing professionals with international accreditations.

At QUBE Art Gallery, we value every inch of emotion you share with your artwork or memories. We consider it an opportunity to bring a smile to your face by giving your favorites the protection of a lifetime. Our framers hold several International Advanced Accreditations in Conservation, which ensures the safety of your frames.

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