Football Jersey- The making of a great Souvenir / Memorabilia

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The game of football is a roller coaster ride of human emotions that peaks when played at the greatest stage, which is the FIFA World Cup. Everything about the game has its history and the football jersey is no different. Early football teams played in kits that were not very different from that of cricket and generally considered shirts, flannel trousers, strong boots, and a cap which eventually went through several evolutionary stages. Early instances of wearing color jerseys date back to the mid-19th century even before the codification of football rules.

The formation of the Football Association ( FA) played a major role in the evolution of football. National jerseys and International club jerseys were highly influenced by customs, social norms, and habits of the society. These factors were important determinants in stabilizing color choices. These color choices are reinforced by commercial motivations such as branding and identity. The world-renowned and widely celebrated jersey of Maradona, worn in the 1986 World Cup when he scored 2 goals against England including the famous ‘Hand of God was auctioned at a record price. The deal became the second-highest amount spent on sports memorabilia. This deal is a testament to the fact that football jerseys are the most sought-after souvenirs in the world. 

Some Memorable WorldCup Jerseys

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England World Cup Jersey 1966 

The England national football team has a huge fan base all over the world, but the English national football team only won the championship in the World Cup held in the country in 1966. They wore red at the time and won the trophy by beating West Germany 4-2.1966 World Cup | England World Cup Jersey. Therefore, this red jersey is not only left in the memory of fans but also recorded in history forever. The victory, 50 years ago, remains England’s only World Cup trophy and is a great souvenir to be cherished for a lifetime. 

Spain World Cup Jersey 2010

Spain’s 2010 World Cup jersey is celebrated throughout the world and is rapidly becoming an iconic kit. The 2010 world cup jersey represents the most successful era in Spain’s football history. 

The USA World Cup Jersey 1994 

The USA was the host of the 1994 World Cup and they had one of the most memorable kits from the tournament. 

Uruguay World Cup Jersey 1930

Hosts, and eventual winners, of the first FIFA World Cup, Uruguay carved their name in international football history with their memorable performance. This jersey has the highest historical significance in the context of football history. 

Germany 1990 World Cup Jersey

Germany’s both kits at the 1990 World Cup were iconic in their way. The striped kit had the most unique design and the green away kit was also well appreciated. West Germany went on to win the 1990 World Cup, just before the country’s reunification, making it a memorable experience for fans all over the world. 

Argentina 1986 World Cup Jersey

Both the home kit and the away kit have a huge fan base throughout the world. It is not just Argentina fans who adore them. Genuine football fans recognize the value of this jersey regardless of their favorite team and all this is due to one man named Diego Maradona.

A jersey promotes team spirit and a sense of belonging in the players. Team jerseys unite players to fight for the team other than fighting for individual performances. Team jersey ignites the fire in players to give their one hundred percent on the field. Even the coach and the supporting staff have their spirits raised by team jerseys. They are extremely valuable for the fans. Millions of fans wear the jersey in support of their team and cheer their team at the top of their voice. The sight of thousands of such fans in the stadium has a strong impact on the team’s performance as they lift the morale of the team. All these things make a football Jersey an ideal choice for the perfect souvenir. Football jerseys are considered to be the most sought-after memorabilia frames in the world. Footballers like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, etc have become an emotion to their respective fans. To get a jersey autographed by their favorite footballer is a dream most people cherish throughout their lives. 

The high demand for football jerseys to be framed is clearly understood and valued. The demand for memorabilia framing is going to soar high with the upcoming sporting spectacle, that is the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. If you are lucky enough to get an autographed jersey of your favorite footballer, then the jersey is no longer a sporting accessory. It would be something you would hold dear and the best way to preserve that is by framing it to be treasured throughout your lifetime

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