Floating Frames to Exhibit Your Artwork at Dubai Art Events

Floating Frames

Dubai is home to people from all parts of the world and it is the center of cultural and artistic amalgamation. Dubai is a city that tops creativity and takes immense pride in its heritage. The city is powered by innovation and knowledge and has a clear-cut vision of the future. Dubai possesses a unique, dynamic identity, ready to embrace artworks across the globe, aiming to provide artistic exaltation to art enthusiasts. 

In its efforts to reinforce its position as the greatest patron of global artistic excellence, Dubai has become the venue of various prestigious art events. The year 2023 is also going to witness some of the esteemed art events in Dubai where artists can exhibit their artworks. If you are an artist looking forward to displaying your artwork at these events, you need high-quality framing services. 

Framing is an important option chosen by artists around the world to make their work unique and appealing. It adds beauty to the overall appearance of an artwork and is considered important for the final presentation of a work done by an artist. 

Frames were majorly used for facilitating wall mountings, but apart from that, they provide various benefits like protecting your work, elevating the style of art, and giving a solid look to the artwork.

While many think of frames as traditional wooden frames with glasses, new models of frames are getting introduced, which are growing quickly in popularity. One among them is the floating frame

What is a floating frame?

A floating frame is a frame designed to make the original artwork appear floating within the frame provided. In this type of framing, the picture is not pressed behind a piece of glass. Instead, it stays away from the frame and creates an illusion of a three-dimensional depth while viewing the work. 

Floating frames are similar to an open box with no lid. It mimics the look of a gallery artwork. No part of the artwork is hidden anywhere, so the entire picture will be on show. 

Mostly thin wooden frames are used to make float frames. They are available in a variety of depths, sizes, and customization options to create visual space around a picture, according to your preferences. 

Normal Frame Vs Floating Frame

A regular frame can provide elegance to a picture and look fantastic in any setting. However, there are some advantages to using floating frames. Here are some reasons to consider: 

  • A floating frame helps to highlight the edges of a picture, without losing them. So, if you have any interesting textures or other details on the edges of your work, you can display them with confidence. 
  • Floating frames help to maintain the originality of the work and provide a contemporary look to the framed pictures. 
  •  A floating frame is a good option when you have a limited amount of wall space to display artwork. Unlike traditional frames, they do not increase the size of your picture and make them appear bulky. 
  • Regardless of the frame type, the frame will never touch the actual surface of the painting. Since it does not touch the edges of the painting, the painting will receive additional protection, compared to traditional frames. 

The world-famous World Art Dubai is happening in March 2023 and if you are an artist looking forward to exhibiting your artwork at the event, you could make use of the floating frame service from Qube Art Gallery. We, at Qube Art Gallery, offer a multitude of framing options including floating frames to make your favorite photos and art for sale really shine. Personalize your pictures and make them stand out with exclusive framing options from Qube Art

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