Having a mirror is a basic necessity as well as an accessory. When framed it becomes a décor. Whether it’s a hallway or grand ballroom, baby’s room or bathroom, the addition of a mirror adds beauty to space and makes it feel more open or spacious.
If you intend to hang a mirror, be sure that the view is something worthy of reflection. A properly fixed mirror opposite to a window will reflect a lovely outdoor and give the illusion of another window.
Obviously, it is the first place that comes to your mind! Over the sink is often the most common location. A morning routine is much easier with a good sized mirror mounted in a frame or directly to the wall. If you have a really small bath, you might consider hanging another framed mirror over the bathtub which will help in making a small bath look larger.
If you have a large wall, fix it there. Fixing it in the closet door will make getting dressed much more convenient. Keep in mind to install the mirror with enough space in the front to be able to stand back comfortably. It’s hard to see if your slip is hanging down if you’re too close to the mirror.
Child’s Room
Children love looking at themselves in a mirror. A mirror on the wall near the baby’s changing table will keep the child occupied while you’re doing the changing. In a toddler’s or older child’s room, be sure to mount a mirror at the child’s eye level.
Over a Desk
If your study desk faces the wall, consider installing a wall-mounted mirror above it. It will help to make your home office feel larger, you’ll feel comfortable that no one could come up behind you, and you’ll get an idea of what’s going on around you.
Near the Front Door
It’s a great idea to have a nice framed mirror mounted somewhere near your front door. You’ll be able to do a last-minute check on your outfit. An attractive arrangement of fresh flowers will look more wonderful when reflected in the mirror!
In a Long Hallway
A dark, long and a narrow hallway can appear more spacious with a strategically-fitted mirror that will help to reflect what little light source in there.

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