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Handmade Paintings on Canvas, a Captivating Fusion of Abstract and 3D Styles, Crafted with Precision Using Rich Acrylic.


90cm x 120cm

Dive into the tranquil world of “Seashore,” where handmade paintings on canvas become a captivating fusion of abstract and 3D styles, meticulously crafted with precision using rich acrylic. This masterpiece is not just art; it’s a journey to the beach, where every brushstroke tells a tale of the sea.

Key Features:

  1. Medium: High-quality canvas.
  2. Styles: A captivating fusion of abstract and 3D techniques, capturing the essence of the beach.
  3. Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with rich acrylic, ensuring a symphony of colors reminiscent of the coastal landscape.
  4. Beach Theme: The art is a visual ode to the beach, invoking the serenity and beauty of coastal vibes.
  5. Available in UAE.
  6. Designed In-House.
  7. Delivered ready to hang.
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