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Galaxy of Emotions

AED 3,280.00

Type :

Handmade Acrylic Painting on Canvas


160cm x 121cm

Embark on an emotional journey with “Galaxy of Emotions” a captivating handmade acrylic painting that transcends the boundaries of art. This poignant masterpiece beautifully captures the essence of human emotions as a lone figure ventures into space, their heart tethered to memories of family left behind.

Key Features:

  1. Medium: Handmade acrylic painting on canvas.
  2. Narrative: A heartfelt depiction of a person in space, navigating a spectrum of emotions and memories.
  3. Emotional Expression: The artwork intricately explores the human experience, conveying a range of feelings from nostalgia to hope.
  4. Space Theme: The celestial backdrop serves as the canvas for a deeply personal narrative.
  5. Stretched canvas on pine wood.
  6. Available in UAE.
  7. Designed In-House.
  8. Delivered ready to hang.
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