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Eternal Spirals

AED 616.00

Type :

Elevated Style with 3D artwork in the center.

Size :

64.5cm x 64.5cm

Embark on a visual journey through time with “Eternal Spirals,” a captivating 3D paper artwork that breathes life into white paper, unfolding into a mesmerizing timelapse spiral design. Encased in a sophisticated black wood frame with textured detailing, this masterpiece stands against a deep black mount, creating a dramatic backdrop that enhances the dynamic beauty. Crowned with crystal-clear acrylic glass, “Eternal Spirals” invites you to witness the evolution of time within its intricately crafted spirals.

Key Features:

  1. Medium: 3D paper artwork featuring a timelapse spiral design, meticulously crafted from white paper.
  2. Frame: Black wood frame with textured details, adding an element of modern sophistication.
  3. Background: A velvety black mount intensifies the contrast, accentuating the evolving timelapse spiral.
  4. Protection: Safeguarded by crystal-clear acrylic glass, preserving the delicate intricacies of the artwork.
  5. Available in UAE.
  6. Designed In-House.
  7. Delivered ready to hang.




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