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Elegant Gold Finished Art Pottery Ceramic Vase

AED 1,092.80

Type : 

Ceramic handmade vase with 24K gold leaf touch.

Size :

40cm x 20cm

Description :

  • Craftsmanship: Our ceramic vases are meticulously handcrafted from a blend of soil and sand, creating a unique texture and durability that sets them apart. Each piece is carefully fired in a wood stove, ensuring authenticity and character in every vase.
  • Luxurious Detailing: Plated with genuine 24k gold leaf, our ceramic vases exude opulence and elegance. The gold accents add a touch of luxury to any space, elevating your decor with their radiant allure.
  • Protective Coating: Finished with a surface protection layer, our ceramic vases maintain their exquisite appearance over time. This coating ensures durability and longevity, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come.
  • Interior Decor Statement: Adorn your interior walls with these stunning ceramic vases to create a focal point that captivates and inspires. The combination of earthy tones, golden accents, and intricate detailing will complement any home decor style, adding a touch of sophistication and luxury to your space.
  • Made in Italy.
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