Picture Framing Services

QUBE Art Gallery offers a vast range of Picture Framing Services that are customizable to suit your style and preference. The team uses various materials such as wood, acrylics, metal and more as the perfect encapsulating medium for your photos, mementos or artwork. With an assurance of high quality materials, a detail oriented team and the use of the latest technology, QUBE is the ideal choice for you to frame your greatest memories.

    Canvas stretching

    At QUBE Art Gallery, each stretched canvas begins with a print produced from one of three individually curated substrates. We then make a custom wooden frame – in any size needed and stretch the rolled canvas print over it. Our stretched canvas print is hand finished by one of the UAE’s most experienced canvas framing teams; ensuring each corner fold is perfectly smooth, tight and that all fixing staples are covered with special protective tape.

    All of our stretchers are custom made and dovetail joined, meaning they have a mitred M&T joint allowing pegs to be inserted in the corners that can be ‘tapped in’ to make the canvas tight if it has loosened a little over time.

    Commonly a stretched canvas doesn’t require a frame; however our large range of tray frames can further enhance the display of your painting. Please contact us via our contact page with the size of your painting and we can let you know the cost.

    Box Framing Shop

    Box frames aren’t just designed for collectables and mementos; they make beautiful picture frames too. Essentially, a box frame is just one frame sitting inside another, with the mount placed deep into the frame. You simply tape the photo to the back of the picture mount and voila – floating picture. It’s really very effective.

    At QUBE Art Gallery, all our box frames are custom made which means a great range of custom size box frames allowing your picture to sit at various depths behind the glazing. Also ideal for objects that need framing. Framing options available in both narrow and wide styles but for specific sizes and options please visit or contact our team.

    Collage framing

    A picture may paint thousand words, but displaying it in a quirky and innovative photo frame will say so much more. Collage photo frames & multi photo frames are a brilliant way to display more of your favourite photographs all in one go. Don’t just keep these discoveries to yourself; a multi photo frame full of memories would make a fantastic gift for family and friends.

    At QUBE Art Gallery, our Collage Photo Print brings together your best times, all in one place. . It comes with a high-quality mount, ready to hang in a handmade wood frame. Don’t print a thoughtful mix of everyday moments and then hide them away. Share your most treasured photo prints by turning them into beautiful framed wall art. Simply order your multi opening frame and position your prints within the pre-cut openings or send us a custom layout and we’ll bring it to life for you. We hand make our collage frames here in the UAE. Your frames are made using only the finest materials ensure that your prints look crystal clear and pin-sharp.

    Floating frames

    Canvas floating frames give the illusion the canvas you place in the frame is floating in the distinctive space within the frame. These frames are usually used if you want to display a gallery wrap canvas since the edge of the painting or the canvas print does not get covered, and displays the entirety of the canvas leaving nothing to the imagination. At QUBE Art Gallery, we introduce our new range of floating frames; ideal solution for canvas frames. Available in various profiles and also a number of configurations. These frames are a readymade solution for artists, Photographers and resellers wishing to frame their original or reproduction canvas Panels and also to individuals interested in floating three dimensional pieces in a tray frame.

    Shadow box frames

    A Shadow Box is an enclosed, glass front picture frame that can hold and display items that have value or particular meaning for an individual. These Shadow Boxes are deeper than our standard Picture Frames and designed to store and display you precious mementos. Shadow Box Frames are perfect for displaying anything you’d like from baby casts, sculptures, figures, art projects, all sorts really. At QUBE Art Gallery, we have a huge selection of shadow box frame; varieties in mount colours, frame sizes, and much more customization options. If you don’t see what you’re after, please Contact Us to see if we can help you.

    Custom framing

    The nature of bespoke framing is to consider each artwork for its unique properties; the value of the work will influence the way in which it should be presented. Bespoke framing is our speciality: whether you are framing a newspaper cutting, a child’s painting, a photograph or an original Picasso, the purpose is to protect the artwork and to display it to its best advantage. Whilst the simplest option may well be to use a ready-made frame which will come in a variety of popular sizes and a range of mouldings, it does not necessarily mean that the artwork will be presented in the best way possible. A bespoke frame will add to the quality and value of the work. At QUBE Art Gallery, we are able to create a one-off combination of frame, bevel mount and all other items that may be required to exhibit the artwork to its best advantage.

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