Photo Printing service Dubai

Make your Photo Printing More Realistic!!


Photo Printing Service on paper or canvas is the traditional way of displaying a photograph, and it definitely has an artistic quality with visual appeal that is unique and well-understood. Some are also printed with 4800-resolution printers which produce hi-resolution photographs.

Photo printing depends on your interests and preferences, financial budget, interior design theme, and location where the photograph will be fixed.  

Photo Printing service Dubai- Qube art gallery
                                                                                     Photo Printing service Dubai

  Here are some of the features that can make your photo print more realistic –

Matte – A perfect finish, offering a professional touch to your photo prints. Works best with black and white photos. Look classy and elegant as they are anti-glare. Also resistant to fingerprints and smudges that keep your photo print looking good at all times. Best to showcase vibrant colors and detail and last very long.

Glossy – A shiny finish to give your photographs a very lively look. Use to showcase a caption or some geometrical design. However, a glossy finish is prone to fingerprints and smudges and so should be handled with care.

Lustre – Printed on Lustre Photo Paper that produces flamboyant images. This offers maximum ink coverage for genuine photographic reproductions. It’s made with a heavy base that gives prints a photographic feel which is ideal for very large prints and posters.

Metallic – Printed on metallic paper and are much known amongst professional photographers for portraits and commercial photography. They are added with deep color saturation and intense blacks to the picture with the right dimension they look classy and professional.

Photo printing service Dubai – Qube Art Gallery has the best and most good collections of photographic printing, Original Painting, Fine art Printing, etc.

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