Flowers and chocolates – everyone buys them as a gift for their loved ones. Sure, it all sounds good but what is the emotion behind it? Finding an option for original gift ideas can be a major headache because there are so many. But what makes a gift valuable? We believe that it is THE STORY behind it. Framed pictures as gifts have the power to preserve stories and touch your loved one’s heart. It seems like a simple idea but has significance!

Here are a number of framed picture ideas –
  • Give them a surprise by framing a candid shot! Taken in a much unexpected moment or a casual routine with your partner. Every time one sees that picture, it will definitely take them down memory lane.
  • Think about the moments your loved one treasures the most. Ask them or your friends to send some personally important pictures. For example, a picture the first photographic record took together, or that amazing trip that they always talk about.
  • Photography preserves moments. Imagine a photo of you together with your partner, maybe even with friends and family during a fun trip, a birthday party, or at a place where your story began. That photo will be a reminder of how many milestones you’ve been through together. It’s a gift that says, “I’ll be there for you no matter what.”

Choose one of the frames from QubeArt in a precious material such as silver, gold, jeweled, or pearl to make the best of the photograph!

Experiences and people are what bring us the greatest and the most genuine happiness. Give your loved ones something that actually matters. Frames give an extra touch to the photograph that brings our most meaningful memories back into our lives, and for that reason, they make the ideal gift.


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