Keencut Tech D Blades 0.012” pack 100

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2493 Keencut Tech D Blades 0.012” pack 100

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Tech D blades are ground on both faces and are ideal for general mountcutting applications when used with the Ultimat Gold and Ultimat Futura. Also the Futura Flexo.

They are 0.012” / 0.30mm thick. Keencut code: #CA50-017.

– Ground on both faces 0.012” / 0.30mm thick. ‘Pointed edge’
– 1.25% Carbon surgical steel
– High strength for increased durability and reduced blade tip damage
– Oil-free to ensure no marking of boards when first used
– Made in Sheffield, England

Made specially for Keencut, they fit Ultimat Futura, Ultimat Gold and Futura Flexo. Also the ACE and the vertical cut on Futura. Also, Artist+, Ace+ and Ace.

These mountcutter blades are not oiled, just like most mountcutter blades. This removes the chance of smudges of oil appearing on the mountboard surface during the first few cuts. The absence of oil may make them vulnerable to surface corrosion in damp or humid environments.

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