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Want your best photos and artworks large and on high quality certified Canvas? Then it will be stunning on our Breathing Color® Lyve matte canvas with eye-popping color gamut and Dmax, coupled with critical archival certification which sets a new standard of exceptionalism in Canvas printing in Dubai. Internally, we refer to this masterful blend of artistry and engineering as "the game changer" that will capture every nuance in your images. There is no doubt that with Lyve Canvas, we took a leap forward in delivering image resolution. This canvas will capture detail and nuance in your images that you never saw before on another canvas. Many photographers attest that this is our most desirable feature. The canvas prints can be ordered with or without a stretcher frame. Our premium range of canvas prints are archival certified for 100 years. Once we have received an order, the prints will be delivered at your doorstop within Dubai in 2-3 days.


Our Fine Art print on Breathing Color® Fine Art papers are luxurious and authentic. We offer prints on different papers with varying textures and surfaces like smooth surface, textured surface etc all in matte finishes. It is able to produce extremely crisp and accurate detail as a result of its leadership in tonal range value, line quality, line contrast, and raggedness. With a proprietary inkjet receptive coating that delivers off-the-chart numerical readings in Dmax and color gamut, it represents the new age of fine art prints in Dubai. Just wait until you see your portrait photography on our fine art papers. It might be the most pleasing reproduction of skin tones you have ever seen on a fine art paper. Our fine art prints will bring a new perspective to the finest detail contained in your photographs. Photographers spend a lot of money to buy the right camera and equipment that will enable them to capture every detail of their vision. Now it's time to get them printed on a paper that can do the same.


The highest quality prints made with care on Breathing Color® Vibrance Photo Papers. We offer prints on different papers with Luster, Matte, Glossy and Metallic finishes. Your images will pop like you've never seen before on any photo paper. Vibrance photo paper is a heavyweight photo paper, developed for the discerning photographer who demands maximum color gamut, Dmax, and image resolution. Using a cockle-free RC base that gives the print a true photographic feel. It allows for maximum ink coverage and produces stunningly vivid images. Our matte photo paper delivers stunning photographic print quality in this segment. It has a bright white surface and is ideal for photographers who require a no gloss, luxurious flat matte surface to bring out the beauty in their images. Our prints on metallic paper is a genuine, true metallic. This means that you can see metallic from every angle that you view the print from.


Not everyone is a professional photographer or really wants to present his snapshots as they would be seen in a gallery. We want hobby photographers and semi-professionals to be able to afford presenting their best work in a new better way. Thats why we offer high quality prints on Aluminium sheets, called Allure Photo Panels. Allure is a revolutionary new product from Breathing Color®. Allure direct-print metal is the ideal solution for extremely high-quality metal prints. Traditionally the dye sublimation process has been used to attain a sellable metal print. It gives better detail and sharper resolution when compared to dye sub aluminum prints. The dot size and resulting smoothness is vastly superior to dye sublimation prints. We apply a protective laminate to your photo print to prevent fading. Whatever image you send us, we will deliver a premium quality product back to you.